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The Patriot 1.2m antenna has an excellent surface accuracy of the main parabolic reflector is complemented by the cast accuracy of the lightweight sub-reflector.  The two combine to create superior system performance at Ku-Band.  The single optic design meets K-2 Intelsat specifications.  The pre-assembled steel back structure adds strength and stability to the system and keeps the installation process simple.

In addition, ATT offers other types of Antennas. The specifications of these types can be downloaded below.



ATT offers The iDirect series 7000,5000,3000 Satellite Router is specifically designed to address the distinct IP network communications needs of small remote branch offices. The series 3000 supplies all the hardware and software you need to meet all your essential remote broadband requirements.

iiDirect Series 3000 Satellite Router

ATT The iDirect Series 3000 Satellite Router provides an economical entry point into satellite networking, without sacrificing the flexibility or reliability iDirect networks are known for. The series 3000 supplies all the hardware and software you need to meet all your essential remote broadband needs. Optimized for remote internet access, the iDirect series 3000 is an ideal solution for small to medium enterprise customers with basic remote networking needs. Able to deliver broadband access of up to 18 Mbps downstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream, the 3000 series can support all your IP applications remotely, including VoIP and basic Video.

iiDirect Series 5000 Satellite Router

ATT provides for Large enterprises, carriers or any high volume users require a solution that can meet all their current communications demands, and scale to meet future needs. The iDirect Series 5000 Satellite Router
provides all the functionality to support your most demanding applications and the networking power to support your most bandwidth intensive users. Developed specifically to support the business critical applications of enterprise customers, the Series 5000 combines a flexible networking platform with the highest TCP/IP throughput in the industry - 18 Mbps downstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream. This high bandwidth capacity, combined with iDirect's network flexibility, and Quality of Service (QoS) allows the series 5000 to go beyond traditional satellite networking, and operate as an extension of your landline network.

iiDirect Series 7000 Satellite Router

ATT offeres The iDirect Series 7000 Satellite Router is the highest performance remote networking solution available today. Developed to meet the most demanding user requirements, the series 7000 is a 19 inch 1U Rack Mounted router ideal for military, network carriers, or high end enterprise customers. The series 7000 was built from the ground up to provide the greatest flexibility, security, and network capacity available today. Providing the highest TCP/IP throughput in the industry - 18 Mbpsdownstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream - with iDirect's Quality of Service (QoS), the Series 7000 delivers all the benefits of broadband IP networking beyond the constraints of the wired world.


Comtech TX/RX Modem

Ideal for optimizing satellite communications, the CDM-570L is designed to meet the needs of low-cost terminals with L-band interfaces to Low Noise Block Converters (LNBs) and Block Up Converters (BUCs). The CDM-570L includes synchronous EIA-530/422, V.35, EIA-232 and G.703 interfaces. An optional Internet Protocol (IP) Module is available with a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface for LAN and network applications. The architecture is firmware and FPGA-based, and the internal Flash memory allows easy updating via the serial port, or front panel USB port. The modem offers exceptional flexibility and cost-effective performance in a 1RU enclosure.


The SL2048 modems provides a BPSK/QPSK modulation schemes and Viterbi as the FEC as standard .The addition of Red Solomon and the new turbo codec provide performance gains.TCP simultaneously offers in word coding gain, lower decoding delay and significant bandwidth saving. The Rates span from 0.5 to 0.65 dependant on modulation type.

SPL TX Modem

The Cost Effective SL2048 series is the ideal solution in hubs providing star configured FDMA and frame relay networks. Provision for Serial data, (via EIA530, RS422) or IP data, (via the mini router RJ45 interface) ensures connectivity to most system architectures.These attributes and the modular and flexible construction provides the opportunity to construct the solutions best suited in today's cost conscious system designs.



Model No. NJT5037F



Small Size and Light Weight


High Efficiency Output Power (3 W typical @P1dB over temperature)


Low Power Consumption

In addition, ATT offers other types of BUCs. The specifications of NJT5037F  and other types can be downloaded below.




Norsat 1000H Series LNB offers excellent PLL Stability and Phase Noise performance in a compact package. The 1000H Series LNB is designed to provide commercial quality for VSAT and select digital applications such as:


Low data rate digital video


A reference LNB for Receiver test and service


SCPC digital or analog audio


Low speed SCPC dta from 19.2 kbps - 512 Kbps, or any higher data rate

In addition, Norsat has the following advantages:


Norsat LNBs are graded by Stability and Noise Figure to provide the perfect balance between performance and cost


Compact to fit in a smaller enclosure and reduce wind profile


Proven reliability for lower lifetime costs


Better PLL LO stability to control receiver drigft and employ lower bit rates or narrower space segment


Excellent Phase noise to lower Carrier to Signal Noise margins, improving BER


Built-in transmitter interference filter for compact installations and lower costs




Mini Hub

ATT Provides The iDirect Mini Hub is a highly efficient solution for smaller enterprises operating their own private networks. The iDirect Mini Hub provides one inbound/ outbound network capability, providing data rates up to 18 Mbps downstream and 4.2 Mbps upstream. The Mini Hub is available in either 15 remote or 30 remote option and is non-redundant. More importantly, the iDirect Mini Hub supports the same network quality and performance as larger iDirect hub solutions. This unique iDirect technology ensures the same user experience as traditional broadband terrestrial networks. The Mini hub allows your satellite network to better utilize bandwidth and transponder capacity. Capacity optimization is inherent throughout the iDirect solution. By using a native IP solution, you’ll save 10-50% capacity versus an inefficient DVB MPEG encapsulation scheme. The extremely rapid bandwidth-on-demand system, capitalizing on MF-TDMA protocol, ensures the highest efficiency of capacity utilization. In addition, iDirect’s D-TDMA is 98% payload efficient and 1.2 carrier spacing delivers an additional14% savings in bandwidth through more efficient use of your transponder capacity.


15 Users and 30 User Licenses


Ideal For Managed Small Star Service


TDM/TDMA Star Network with all iDirect Features


Provides One Inbound/Outbound Network Capability


Supports Standard Outdoor Electronics (BUC/LNB)


No Redundancy



List of Optional Accessories

Dish Antenna 1.2m Patriot(Triax)

Dish Antenna 1.2m Patriot

Dish Antenna 1.8m Patriot(Triax)

Dish Antenna 1.8m Patriot

Dish Antenna 2.4m Patriot(Single Focus)

Dish Antenna 2.4m Patriot(Double Focus)

SPL Modem TX only (SL2048)

SPL Modem TX/RX (SL2048)

SPL Demodulator (QD2048)

Comtech TX-RX Modem(CDM 570 L)

Radyne Tx/Rx Modem

Demodulator Comtech CDD564L

IP Module

Turbo Code

Cisco Router1721

WIC Card

Cable MT-530

Cable RG11 100mtr 1roll

Norsat KU Band Tranasmitter 2w

Norsat KU Band 2w

KU Band BUC 2w NJR

KU Band BUC 4w New Japan Radio

KU Band BUC 4w NJR

KU Band BUC 8w (NJT5018)

Norsat PLL LNB Low Band


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